The smart Trick of art That No One is Discussing

do the job of art - art that is certainly an item of one of the high-quality arts (Primarily a painting or sculpture of artistic merit)

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a movement of your early nineteen fifties which claimed to generally be in revolt from equally Abstractism and naturalism, using its identify from patches of shade (Fr.

an art movement in England in 1914-15 stimulated by Futurism and by the concept all artistic development ought to commence in a very state of potent emotion; its goods, meant to determine a variety characteristic of the commercial age, tend to use angular, machinelike designs. — Vorticist, n.

a revolt by certain 20th-century painters and writers in France, Germany, and Switzerland towards smugness in standard art and Western society; their functions, illustrating absurdity by means of paintings of purposeless devices and collages of discarded materials, expressed their cynicism about conventional Suggestions of sort and their rejection of standard concepts of natural beauty. — Dadaist, n.

a late 19th-century reaction to Impressionism, emphasizing on just one hand the psychological facet of painting and on the opposite a return to official construction; the initial resulted in Expressionism; the next, to Cubism. — Publish-Impressionist, n.

Arts Council N (Brit) institución pública encargada de la promoción de la cultura y de las actividades artísticas

1 n (= portray and many others) → Kunst f; the arts → die schönen Künste; art for art’s sake → Kunst um der Kunst willen, Kunst als Selbstzweck; (slogan) → L’art pour l’art ? operate N c

five. (Artwork Conditions) excellence or aesthetic advantage of conception or execution as exemplified by this kind of performs

a short-lived growth of Cubism c.1912 that tried to enliven the first method by subordinating the geometrical varieties and applying unmixed brilliant hues. — Orphist, n.

(= ability) → Kunst file; (= physical strategy) → Geschick nt, → Kunst file; there’s an artwork to driving this automobile → es gehört ein gewisses Geschick dazu, mit diesem Car zu fahren; there’s an artwork to it → das ist eine Kunst; the artwork of war/authorities → die Kriegs-/Staatskunst; the art of dialogue/translation → die Kunst der Unterhaltung/Übersetzung; arts and crafts → Kunsthandwerk nt, → Kunstgewerbe nt

sculpt, sculpture - develop by shaping stone or wood or any other hard product; "sculpt a swan away from a block of ice"

art - the products of human creative imagination; will work of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; "a fine selection of artwork"

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a design and style that intermixes characteristics borrowed from other artists or differing educational facilities; utilized specially when The end result is unsuccessful. — eclecticist, n.

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